Water Recycling Systems


Light Environmental’s state–of–the–art water recycling system solutions are more efficient‚ easier to operate and maintain‚ and more cost effective than any‚ water purification system produced today.

These modular systems are applicable for municipalities‚ villages‚ condominiums‚ schools‚ restaurants‚ motels‚ hotels‚ mobile home parks‚ processing plants‚ industrial plants‚ animal farms‚ oilfield platform rigs‚ oilfield jack–up rigs‚ oilfield posted and inland drilling barges‚ fixed structures offshore or anywhere sewage processing is required.

Advantages to Our Water Recycling Systems:

  • 100% of water is cleaned unlike reverse osmosis which wastes from 25–50% of water in the cleaning process
  • Systems requires very little maintenance
  • Simple to maintain
  • Custom Design