Automated Ultra Filtration System


The Light Environmental Inc. (LEI) Automated Ultra Filtration System (AUFS) is a highly efficient‚ automated ultra filtration system‚ ideal for applications that require tight particle filtration with high Total Suspended Solids (TSS) loads. The AFUS uses 316L stainless steel blades that pass across the surface of the circular cellulose ultra filtration membranes‚ providing a strong cross–flow current that presents the layered formation of solids. This cross–flow current allows for high flux‚ uninterrupted filtration down to 0.02–micron particle size.

Materials of construction include high grade stainless steel for all wetted surfaces‚ with seals and membranes chosen per application; the AFSU can be used in pharmaceutical applications‚ food grade production‚ remediation‚ and more.

The AFSU is designed for ease of maintenance‚ long runtimes‚ and efficient operations; membranes can be replaced using only hand tools. The filters are available in a range of sizes from bench scale‚ to high–flow operations of 500 gpm or greater.