Alternative Cooling Tower Chemical Support


Our industrial grade treatment method uses an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) that generates Hydroxyl and Oxygen radicals onsite directly from the air and diffusing them into the water by bubbling them in the cooling tower’s basin/sump. No chemicals are stored onsite‚ no ordering‚ delivery or inventory‚ and no handling or distribution of hazardous chemicals. No chemical injection pumps need to be maintained. The client will never wait on a technician for anything because the system is 100% automatic and there is no possible way to run out of chemical. There is zero risk of overdosing the cooling tower because the water will only absorb what it needs and the rest will be off–gassed. The treatment chemical and method used is FDA‚ NSF‚ and EPA approved. It is safe for people and animals if they should get into the water‚ if a leak should occur‚ or if the cooling water blowdown goes directly into the surrounding water areas.

How It Works:

Simply put; Hydroxyl and Oxygen radicals are negatively charged.

BIOCIDE: The radicals are excellent oxidants near the top of oxidant potential and control the bacteria extremely well reducing or eliminating the need for a biocide chemical.

ANTISCALANT: The way all antiscalants work is they interfere with the Calcium Carbonate reaction. Negatively charged radicals directly interfere with the Calcium Carbonate reaction by reacting with and solubilizing Calcium which prevents Calcium Carbonate and scale formation reducing or eliminating the need for an antiscalant chemical. Also‚ because we are able to hold higher levels of Calcium in solution and since there is no additional byproduct added‚ that antiscalant chemicals contribute‚ we can achieve higher cycles of concentration.

CORROSION: Inhibitors are needed because corrosion happens when Calcium and other minerals are reduced and the zinc and other elements begin to dissolve in the water. Because the Calcium is not removed or hidden with antiscalant chemicals and because the cycles of concentration are increased corrosion rates stay well within the cooling tower’s accepted corrosion rates reducing or eliminating corrosion inhibitor chemicals.

SCALE REMOVAL: The Oxygen radical breakdowns Calcium chipping away at scale build–up and it is our experience that around 6 to 8 weeks after installation scale build–up within the system will begin to flake off the inside of the piping and cooling towers.