Lagoon Management


This solution is lagoon management for Ammonia‚ TSS‚ E. coli and BOD reduction through sludge activation.

Light Environmental has discovered through over 100 lagoon systems installed in the United States and another 200 installed worldwide that the activated sludge process is an aerobic‚ suspended growth‚ biological treatment method. The treatment process duplicates what you would find in a secondary clarifier activated sludge treatment system in the following manner.

  • The indigenous bacteria in the lagoon can continually digest the organic components in the sludge – odor disappears.
  • All trapped nitrogen/ammonia and H2S in the sludge is oxidized and eliminated from the water.
  • The water quality is improved because the polluting gases have been released.
  • Control Algae.

Because this is taking place all day‚ every day‚ moving over 9 million gallons of water per aerator‚ using fine and course bubble diffusion that penetrates the sludge instead of just the water layer providing a complete mix in the lagoon operation.

Light Environmental provides a turnkey operation installation of the system into your existing lagoon from Municipal‚ confined animal operations‚ refineries with lagoons with oil and grease build up‚ Oxidation Ditches with energy eating antiquated brush systems.