Sediment, Depth and Carbon Filtration Systems

Light Environmental Technology assembles in-house four different control valves for water cleaning systems; LEI-Clean I, LEI-Clean II, LEI-Clean II Hi-Flow, and LEI-Clean III.

The control valves in LEI-Clean models I & II are similar to the LEI-Soft I & II and have a lifetime warranty on the mechanical seal. They also have a rotary ceramic disc seal engineered to eliminate the common failure points of spacers, o-rings, and gaskets. The LEI-Clean III model control valve is hydraulically driven for significantly reduced wear and tear of internals, and is side mounted around chest height for easy maintenance and system performance inspection.


In similar fashion to the LEI-Soft valves, these valves are better because we eliminated the common failure points. You can see this is a common theme among our products! Before we created our own LEI-Clean water depth filtration product line, we resold the same control valves used in the top four water treatment company’s products. Fundamentally known as piston type valves. Piston type valves used for solids or Chlorine/Chloramine filtration are the incorrect application for those valves. In piston valves, the piston rubs against the spacers, o-rings, and gaskets every time they backwash themselves. When used in a solids removal application, those solids in the fluid cut the o-rings and gaskets plus put pressure on the pistons and spacers causing them to prematurely fail. When used in Chlorine/Chloramine applications the o-rings swell, because of the Chlorine/Chloramines, again causing them to be cut while also putting excess pressure on the spacers and pistons causing them to prematurely fail. Our rotary disc seal design in LEI-Clean products eliminates those failure points; no o-rings touch the fluid because the rotary mechanical seal is all that is required for the water-tight seal. This technology makes for smoother operation and significantly longer life enabling us to offer the best warranty on the market.


Depending on the application and industry, customers may need a high-flow valve or standard flow valve. Instead of retrofitting other products for their needs, we built the LEI-Clean series to allow for different flow needs, which reduces damage and expenses related to replacement. The LEI-Clean II Hi-Flow valve offers traditional 3″ valve flow rates in a 2″ valve, offering superior advantages over other options on the market.


  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Chemical & Petroleum Refineries
  • Heavy Industrial Markets
  • General Industrial & Commercial
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare