Optipore & L493 Adsorbent

Product Highlights:

  • Soluble Hydrocarbon
  • GRO and DRO removal using Adsorbent Resin for lean waters‚ produced water‚ flow back waters and so much more

System Design:

  • Resin has been used for over 30 years as an adsorbent for soluble sugars
  • Steam regenerable resin
  • Successful for BETX many more high and low boilers

Competitive Traits of DOWEX OPTIPORETM L493:

  • Good/fast adsorption capacity
  • Suited for steam regeneration
  • Can be chemically modified for different uses
  • Minimal waste
  • Good recovery of constituents (BTEX‚ phenols‚ etc)
  • Simple process (adsorption)
  • Less expensive