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  • Aug 22, 2019

    WHO calls for more research into microplastics and a crackdown on plastic pollution
    The World Health Organization (WHO) today calls for a further assessment of microplastics in the environment and their potential impacts on human health, following the release of an analysis of current research related to microplastics in drinking-water… Read More Arrow

  • Aug 20, 2019

    NEFI: Refinery Exemptions Hurt Biodiesel Market
    Small refinery exemptions by the Environmental Protection Agency threaten the market for biodiesel and biodiesel-blended heating oil “aka Bioheat fuel,” the New England Fuel Institute says in its NEFI Energy Online News… Read More Arrow

  • Aug 20, 2019

    San Francisco International Airport rolls out ban on plastic water bottles
    San Francisco International Airport is rolling out a ban to end the sale of plastic water bottles at its convenience stores, restaurants and vending machines… Read More Arrow

  • Aug 19, 2019

    Reducing Water Waste in Agriculture Through “Smart Farming”
    Freshwater withdrawals have tripled over the last 50 years and demand for freshwater is increasing by 64 billion cubic meters a year. The world’s population is growing by roughly 80 million people each year… Read More Arrow

  • Aug 16, 2019

    Algae bloom, now visible from space, is costing water treatment plants more money
    The algae bloom in Lake Erie has grown large enough that it’s visible from space. An image taken by a NASA satellite on July 30 shows where the bloom was most dense in the lake’s western basin… Read More Arrow

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