Tequatic™ Plus Filter


Tequatic™ Plus fine particle filter is a ground–breaking and cost–effective technology for tough water environments.

Tequatic™ Plus Filter Highlights:

  • Designed to process a wide range of difficult–to–treat feed waters
    • High Solids
    • Oily Solids
  • Combines the power of continuously cleaning‚ cross–flow filtration with centrifugal separation into one device
  • Cost–effective solution to traditional filtration technologies‚ ensuring high uptime‚ reduced consumables‚ consistent performance‚ lower maintenance‚ lower cost of ownership and a small footprint

Proven Use:

  • Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Food and beverage wastewater
  • Oil field water
  • Prefilter‚ post filter‚ primary filter

Tequatic™ Plus Filter Operation:

As shown in the illustration below‚ operation of Tequatic™ Plus Filter is simple: